Leave Rules

Paternity Leave(PL)

  • Granted to male Railway employees (including Apprentices) with less than 2 surviving children.
  • Granted for 15 days.
  • During the period of confinement of wife of a Railway employee . Can be availed in the period between 15 days prior and 6 months after the date delivery of the child.
  • Can availed only in one spell.
  • If not availed it will be lapsed.
  • It is not to be debited against leave account.
  • Maybe combined with any other type of leave as in Maternity Leave.

Hospital Leave

  • Sanctioned to Group C and D Railway employees due to risks incurred in the course of official duties.
  • Based on Medical Certificate of Railway Doctor.
  • Sanctioned for such periods as necessary.
  • For first 120 days Leave salry will be as that on LAP and for remaining period as that on LHAP.
  • Maybe combined with any other type of leave due and admissible provided that the total period does not exceed 28 month.

Special Disability Leave

  • Can be sanctioned upto 24 months(in one or more spells).
  • For injury caused intentionally by someone in performance of official duties as a Railway employee.
  • Injury must manifest within 3 months of its occurance.
  • Competent authority may condone this limit.
  • Medical Certificate necessary.
  • Can be combined with any other type of leave.
  • Leave salary as on LAP for first 120 days, then as on LHAP.

Study Leave(SL)

  • Granted to a Railway employee for:
  1. Higher studies or undergoing training in professional and technical subjects having a direct and close connection with the sphere of his duties.
  2. A sudy capable of widening one’s mind in manner likely to improve his abilities as a Railway employee.
  3. Studies connected with the framework or background of public administration.