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Job Profile Of Health & Malaria Inspector (HI)

  • Health and Malaria Inspector normally work in big railway stations or under a Railway Hospital.
  • Duties of HI are supervisory in nature and there will no night shift. He will supervise cleanliness of station and sanitation. He will have staff working under him for cleaning, sanitation. He will have to collect water samples and send lab for testing.  Malaria related duties previously assigned on HI are almost gone.

Recruitment (Ref 1)

Period of absence of Railway employees sent for Periodical Medical Examination (PME)


Fixed Medical Allowance

Fixed Medical Allowance

Cashless treatment for RELHS Holder in Recognized Private Hospitals in emergency

  • A cashless service for RELHS card holders to take treatment in recognized private hospitals of National Capital Region is introduced by Northern Railway.
  • Under the scheme RELHS beneficiaries can take treatment in specified Recognised hospitals in cases of acute emergency.

Terms & Conditions of the Scheme

Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme (RELHS-1997)

Facilities available

Retired Railway employees covered under RELHS-97 will be provided with all medical facilities as for serving employees. This includes:

Railway Territorial Army (TA)

  • Territorial Army gives opportunity for Railwaymen to undergo military training for one month every year. In the event of a national emergency trained Railwaymen maybe called upon to meet needs of
  1. Country’s defense.
  2. Internal security.
  3. To keep Rail services uninterrupted during war and in designated areas.
  4. To help Railway administration during Railway strikes and in natural calamities like flood etc.

Benefits for the Employees on joining Territorial Army

Reimbursement of Medical Expenses

  • When an employee or family members are referred to a hospital by Railway Medical Authority expenses incurred are reimbursed  on production of bills/receipts countersigned by Supt. Of the hospital.

For emergency Treatment without proper reference by ADMO

Medical facilities for Retired Employees

Retired Employees Contributory Health Scheme

  • Retired/Invalidated employees can avail medical facilities by joining RECHS at a nominal monthly contribution.
  • No new members are allowed in the scheme.
  • Existing members may continue indefinitely.


Medical and Health Care

  • Indian Railways has an extensive network of hospitals and clinics. There are specialized hospitals for cancer(Varanasi), heart diseases(Chennai), orthopaedics(Kolkata) and Plastic surgery(Mumbai).
  • In addition, 150 private hospitals are recognized for treatment.
  • Railway employees are referred to Medical Colleges and specialized treatment centres and expenses are reimbursed.
  • Indian Railways have their own Family Planning and Family Welfare centres to look after health of mothers and children.

Railway Budget proposals for Welfare of employee

Budget 2011-12

  • Medical facilities extended to dependant parents of Railway employees.
  • Scholarship for girl child of Group D railway employees increased to Rs.1200 per month.
  • 20 additional hostels for children of Railway employees.

Budget 2010-11

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