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DAR Rules

Indian Railways Establishment Manual (IREM)

Speedy disposal of DAR cases for retiring Railway employees

  • Railway Board has observed that disciplinary cases are not being finalized within a reasonable time resulting in severe hardship to the railway servants especially the retired ones whose pensionary benefits are withheld due to the pending disciplinary case. 

Transfer Rules

  • Normally a Railway employee is employed throughout his service on the same Railway or Railway establishment to which he is posted on first appointment.
  • A Railway employee claim as a matter of right to be transferred to any other Railway establishment.


Types of Transfer

Railway Services(Conduct) Rules 1966

Conduct Rule

  • Revised as per the recommendations of Santhanam Committee.
  • Prescribe standards of conduct expected of a Railway employee and members of his family.

Guiding Rules

  • Every Railway employee shall at all times-

(i) maintain absolute integrity;
(ii) maintain devotion to duty; and
(iii) do nothing which is unbecoming of a Railway employee.

Discipline and Appeal Rules (DAR) - Suspension


  • Suspension is not a penalty.
  • An employee may be placed under suspension 
  1. When Disciplinary proceedings are pending against him OR
  2. When engaged in activities prejudicial to the state OR
  3. When a criminal case is pending investigation , inquiry or trial.

Deemed suspension

Discipline and Appeal Rules (DAR) Penalties

 Minor Penalties

Discipline and Appeal Rules (DAR) Appeal/Revision/Review


Railway Servant (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1968 (DAR Rules)

Constitutional Provisions

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