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Advanced Transportation

Ordering of a Goods Train and process of Freight Train Operations

Ordering of Goods Trains

Railway Rolling Stock

Following are the main categories of Rolling Stock

1.     Locomotive

2.     Coaches

3.     Wagons

4.     EMU/MEMU

5.     DEMU

Basic components of Rolling Stock

The Payment of Wages Act 1936


Marshalling Yard Statistics


Railway Undertakings/Production Units/PSUs

  • RDSO(Research, Development , Standards Organization)

Headquartered at Lucknow , it is Research and Development wing of Indian Railways headed by a Director General. It has well equipped laboratories. It designs, advises, directs on technological developments in IR.

  • RRT, Chennai

It consists of a Chairman and 2 members. Its chief function is to look into complaints lodged by commercial bodies and Trade Associations with regard to the freight charges and similar matters concerning Railways.

FOIS enquiries/Reports

  • FOIS will have online information pertaining to basic data. Therefore information will be available from the system in real time in the form of Reports and Enquiries.
  • Reports can be programmed to print at specified time at specific places like the morning operating position. Or they can be programmed to be printed automatically in select yards on the route of the train. 

Yard Working Instructions and Registers kept in Marshalling Yards

Yard Working Instructions

Yard Working Instructions contains instructions on all important aspects of working other than Reception and despatch procedures (which is given in SWR). It contains:

Marshalling Yard Organisation

Yard working is controlled by CYM/YM for small yards and Area Officer for bigger yards. Yard in charge will have 2 organizations under him.

Classification and Layout of Marshalling Yards

Classification of Yards

FOIS Software

  • FOIS is designed in client server technology using middleware and a Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS).
  • Application servers at the CRIS are networked and linked to a central database for global level transactions.
  • The central database acts as the repository of all current and historical data.
  • The application is interface-ready for web-based services like connectivity to customers and e-payment gateway interface.
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